Dried frozen blood worms Platax teira fish food small betta fish meal 100g in Aquariums Tanks from Home Garden

Dried frozen blood worms Platax teira fish food small betta fish meal 100g in Aquariums Tanks from Home Garden
Dried frozen blood worms Platax teira fish food small betta fish meal 100g in Aquariums Tanks from Home Garden
Dried frozen blood worms Platax teira fish food small betta fish meal 100g in Aquariums Tanks from Home Garden
Dried frozen blood worms Platax teira fish food small betta fish meal 100g in Aquariums Tanks from Home Garden
Dried frozen blood worms Platax teira fish food small betta fish meal 100g in Aquariums Tanks from Home Garden
Dried frozen blood worms Platax teira fish food small betta fish meal 100g in Aquariums Tanks from Home Garden

Product Specification

Type: Fish

Volume: 150ml

Aquariums Type: Aquariums

Model Number: frozen blood worms

Weight: 100gram

Material: blood worms



Net weight: 100G

Suitable for: All kinds of Tropical fish,angelfish food small betta fish tropical fish

To the main ingredients:

Packing: Aluminium bag

  Ingredients: crude protein 60%, crude fat, 6%, crude fiber: 5%, crude ash content: 8%  


Natural blood worm harvested live and processed at the source!

 Unlike major brands that takes it on a merry go round before being canned.

High quality freeze-dried food supply. No need to guess what is in there. Every bit is edible.

All the natural nutrition, texture, and taste of live foods without the hassle.

Unique freezing process preserves animal cells, nutrients, and flavor.

Naturally free of parasites and harmful bacteria. Your fish will leap for it !

Multi-vitamins and promote extraordinary health and colors.

Even fish used to eating live worms and would not touch small food pellets leaps for these dry blood worms.

More protein in their diet would encourage breeding as well.

Perfect for feeding: Discus, Tetra, flower horn, arrowanas, cichlids, and turtles. For all tropical fish and marine fish


What size pellet is good for my fish?
You want to ensure that you get the appropriate size pellet for the fish in your pond. Small Pellet food is recommended for fish 1 ? to 3 inches in length, medium pellets is for fish 2 ?-7 inches in length and the large pellets are suitable for fish 6 inches or longer.
Regardless of the type of pond environment you have, Goldfish flakes  has the proper food for each and every environment. Choose the formula that fits your pond environment and fish the best.
All Season Goldfish and Koi Food
All Season Goldfish flakes Food is made up of floating pellets that never cloud your water. It is suitable for water temperatures 50 degrees Fahrenheit and above, and is formulated for year round feeding.
Wheat Germ Spirulina Food:
The Goldfish flakes Wheat Germ Spirulina is recommended for the spring and fall months where the water temperature is between 47-50 degrees Fahrenheit. The added wheat germ helps provide easy digestion for your fish. This scientifically-formulated diet includes multi-vitamins and stabilized Vitamin C which helps improve disease resistance and the health and longevity of fish.
Premium Collection of Goldfish flakes Fish Food
Highly nutritional and easy to digest, Goldfish flakes Koi and Goldfish Food contains an ideal combination of vitamins and minerals, including stabilized vitamin C, which helps improve disease resistance, allowing fish to enjoy healthy lives. As a result of Goldfish flakes superior formulation, fish do not require as much food and less waste is produced. The food is packaged in UV-resistant containers to preserve freshness and prevent contamination. The Goldfish flakes Premium Collection is available in All Season Sticks, Spirulina and Wheat Germ Sticks, and Color Enhancing Sticks.
Goldfish flakes All Season Food Sticks are suitable for water temperatures above 50 degrees Fahrenheit and the Spirulina and Wheat Germ Sticks are recommended for fall and spring months where the water temperature is between 47-50 degrees Fahrenheit. The Color Enhancing Food Sticks are suitable for water temperatures above 50 degrees Fahrenheit are rich in both krill and shrimp and is a natural color enhancing formula.
Varies per Temperature
Over 50 degrees Fahrenheit: Feed fish all Seasons Food
45-50 Degrees Fahrenheit: Introduce a Wheat Germ food
Under 45 Degrees Fahrenheit: Fish require no food
At a Glance:
Active fish in warm water require greater amounts of food then sedentary fish in cooler water
Select a protein-rich fish food for warm weather feeding, as your pond fish will benefit from the added nutrition
As the temperature outdoors grows colder, your Goldfish and Koi’s metabolisms drop and their ability to digest protein decreases
Once the temperature of your pond water drops below 50°F, switch both Goldfish and Koi to a low-protein, high-carb fish food.




1. When you place an order, please choose a shipping method and pay for the order including the shipping fee. We will send the itemswithin 4 days once your payment is completed.

2. Please note buyers are responsible for all additional customs fees, brokerage fees, duties, and taxes for importation into your country.

3. The shipping cost does not include any import taxes, and buyers are responsible for customs duties.


1. If the item is quality broken within 2 weeks from receiving the product, we will replace you with a new one with good quality if there are no appearance spots or man-caused mistake during usage.
2. The warranty does not include: accident, human fault or improper use.


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